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Millennial clients? Here are some closing gift ideas!

Spices are one suggestion of a unique closing gift for millennial clients. Photo by hue12 photography on Unsplash

Updater | Ben Weger

Real estate closing gifts have become standard in the industry. With that said, the most important aspect of a real estate closing gift isn’t necessarily the gift itself, but the message behind it. That message should be to welcome a client to their new home and not simply serve as a thank you. Millennials, as you know, are also not your run-of-the-mill clients. They’re busy, tech-savvy, and know what they want. The type of gift you choose and when you give that gift has a major effect on how your service will be remembered, so it’s important to get it right — especially for this shrewd demographic.

Real estate agents want to provide a service that results in referrals. Ultimately, it’s the easiest way to generate new business. Since giving a closing gift is one of the last interactions you’ll have with your client, it’s especially important. A framed photo of you with the message, ‘tell your friends’ is not going to fly — so we have some suggestions.

Find all 37 ideas here: 37 Real Estate Closing Gifts for Millennials

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