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Adjusting for inflation, how much easier was it for baby boomers to buy a home in Seattle?

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Seattle Times | Gene Balk

In this column from the Seattle Times’ FYI Guy, Gene Balk examines how much less baby boomers paid for their Seattle homes, after adjusting for inflation. 

[…] It’s hard to believe there was a time, and not really that long ago, when journalists — or teachers, or nurses — could go house hunting in the city of Seattle and actually buy something. And perhaps at this point, this column should include a trigger warning for any young couple traumatized by the current housing market around here.

Census data shows that the median home value in King County in 1980 was $71,400, which, in today’s dollars, is about $225,000. That’s well below half of what it is now.

Looking at the median home values in Seattle census tracts in 1980 really does seem surreal, even after adjusting for inflation.

Read the story here: How much easier was it for baby boomers to buy a home in Seattle? Let’s adjust for inflation

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