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How to connect appropriately with clients on patriotic holidays

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Posting about holidays can be a great way to stay top-of-mind with clients, but it’s important with holiday outreach that your message is tone-appropriate. This helpful article outlines the meaning behind upcoming military-related holidays so you can ensure your outreach is sincere and will avoid any awkward client interactions. 

[…] With all of this holiday outreach, however, we do need to make sure our message is accurate and certainly aim to avoid offense.

At MILLIE, a trusted source for military families on the move, we are sensitive to military-related topics. We recently noticed some “Happy Memorial Day” posts circulating, which struck us as well-intentioned, but those posts definitely missed the mark.

We understand that even people familiar with the military tend to blur the meanings of Veterans Day, Memorial Day and Armed Forces Day, so as the Fourth of July nears, here’s a primer for real estate agents to illuminate the differences among these observances and provide suggestions about how to connect appropriately with your clients on these special days.

To read the full story, click here: Celebrating patriotic holidays: A primer for agents

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