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What is your ‘Sleep Number’ in real estate?

Photo by Dakota Corbin on Unsplash

In a recent class on lead mastery, Brandon Hines introduced the concept of finding your personal ‘Sleep Number’ in real estate and using that to generate more leads through existing relationships. What is your ‘Sleep Number,’ and how can you use that to inform your outreach strategy to your relationship database?

REALTOR Magazine | Buck Wargo

[…] Each person has a different sleep number, which was evident in the workshop with about 400 attendees, where some agents said they make 20 contacts a day while others listed only two. There’s no wrong number, Hines said, adding that “one person’s goals are different from another, whether you want to make $1 million a year in real estate or $100,000.” The class used an example of an agent wanting to make $66,000 a year. To reach that goal, the agent would need to make about seven contacts a day.

The focus of the workshop was about generating more leads through existing relationships. “The biggest message is to work your sphere and understand that the sphere is one of the best ways to generate business now and in the future, whether that’s through a drip campaign, social media, or phone calls,” Hines said. Even though technology is changing communication methods and increasing demand for rapid responses, “real estate is about relationship building and nurturing that relationship. … We’re not going to get away from that. Technology will change, but to nurture that relationship and keep in contact with that person is not going anywhere.”

To read the full post, click here: What’s Your ‘Sleep Number’?

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