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Amazon HQ2 is announced; how will it impact Seattle’s housing market?

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

Amazon’s office expansion in Seattle, coupled with the local job market and high cost of living for HQ2 locations, means the HQ2 isn’t likely to push the housing market to a crash. John L. Scott broker Lisa Molinaro is quoted in this story. 

Priced-out Seattleites hoping for a housing market crash with Amazon expanding to two new “headquarters” locations might be disappointed.

[…] Lisa Molinaro, a local John L. Scott broker who works with a lot of Amazon homebuyers, said her buyers should still feel confident in the overall housing market “based on the amount of tech companies growing and moving to the area along with our other large corporations that sustain us, like Boeing and Microsoft.”

“Although we have a lot of Amazon homeowners/buyers and sellers, they aren’t all of our market,” Molinaro said.

To read the full article, click here: Will Amazon’s HQ2 sink Seattle’s housing market?

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