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Cutting-edge amenities offered in some new-home communities include solar power, dog showers

Photo by Autri Taheri on Unsplash

Today’s hottest amenities in new homes include dog showers, elevators for aging in place, solar panels and a “California Room” to meld indoor and outdoor space.  

Tony Bizjak | RIS Media

Shopping for a new home? It’s not all about square footage, counter tops and closet size.

Homes are changing. You’ve got homework to do. Decisions to make. Some will affect your pocketbook for years. Others will improve your quality of life the day you move in.

And one … well, it’ll just make your pooch less smelly.

Here’s a quick tour of cutting-edge amenities now offered at some new-home communities: Solar Panels, Elevators, a Dog Shower? Here Are 12 Cutting-Edge Items for Your Next Home

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