City of Spokane launches ad campaign to lure Seattleites eastward

Photo by Patrick Perkins on Unsplash

Short commutes, low cost-of-living and a median home price that’s 295% less than Seattle are a few selling points the City of Spokane is using in a new ad campaign called Hacking Washington. The campaign is aimed at convincing Seattleites to make the move to Spokane. 

Sarah Anne Lloyd | Curbed Seattle

As Seattle home prices grow, some have turned to Spokane for relief—and a lower cost of living. The City of Spokane is trying to harness that in a new digital campaign it’s calling Hacking Washington.

“You used to think you could have it all in Washington,” announces the city-run landing page for the effort. “We still do.”

With the campaign, contracted to Spokane ad firms Chapter & Verse, Quinn, and Treatment, the city is targeting online ads to more than 500 specific small businesses and organizations, according to the Spokesman-Review. Later in the campaign, the plan is that even Spokane mayor David Condon could meet with interested Seattleites.

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