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How the New Tax Plan Affects Real Estate

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Tom Wheelwright | Inman News

Still confused about how the new tax plan affects you or your customers?

To clear up much confusion over the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017’s impact on homeowners, buyers and investors, here’s a recap of eight top real estate winners and losers.

This summary can help you understand the big-picture impacts of the new tax plan so you can address your clients’ concerns and advise them.

You will also see what is driving more existing homeowners to stay in their current location. So, let’s take a closer look:

The winners: 

  1. Real Estate investors with positive cash flow
  2. First-time buyers
  3. Middle-income homeowners, buyers and sellers
  4. Existing homeowners

The losers:

  1. Renters
  2. Upper-middle class and luxury buyers
  3. Homeowners in coastal blue states
  4. Homeowners seeking equity loans


Find the explanation behind each reason in the original article here.

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