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Study: Real estate income doubles after first year

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Though it can be tough for rookie brokers to get their business off the ground at first, a recent study indicates brokers with 1-3 years of experience saw their annual earnings double compared to their earnings with less than a year in the business. As years of experience go up, earnings go up accordingly, providing motivation for young professionals to stick with it. 

REALTOR Magazine

Real estate rookies often face tough challenges getting their business off the ground, but there’s a reason to hang in there. After the first year, most real estate professionals double their income, according to the 2018 Real Estate Agent Income Guide, a study conducted by prelicensing company Real Estate Express.

Practitioners in the business for less than a year reported earning an average annual income of $19,375, according to the study. But those with one to three years of experience saw their average annual earnings climb to $41,023.

To read the full article, click here: Study: Rookie Pros Double Their Income After First Year

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