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Bellevue is the Second Largest Growing Neighborhood in Region

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Gene Balk | Seattle Times

What’s the second fastest growing neighborhood in the Seattle area?

If you’re a regular reader of this column, you probably already know Seattle’s South Lake Union is No. 1. And if you picked Ballard or Capitol Hill as No. 2, those would be good guesses.

But you have to look to the Eastside for the correct answer: Downtown Bellevue.

In a recent column, I looked at patterns of population growth within Seattle since the start of this decade. I heard from a number of readers who wondered about how much the population had changed in their neighborhoods, which are located outside the city.

When looking at growth around the region, the two census tracts that cover downtown Bellevue (west of I-405) jump out. The population increased by more than 5,200 from 2010 to 2017, a 73 percent increase. There are now more than 12,400 people living in this area, which is dotted with a number of new apartment towers, as tall as 450 feet. These two tracts in downtown Bellevue now have a population density of about 18,000 people per square mile — similar, coincidentally, to South Lake Union.

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