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Congratulations to the Two New Vice Presidents!

Phil McBride | Chief Operating Officer

I am extraordinarily pleased to announce the promotion of the following two individuals to the executive team:

  • Emmanuel Fonte is now Vice President of Ultimate Client Relationship® and Digital Strategies, effective immediately
  • Tina Goedde is now Vice President of Talent Resources, effective immediately

Emmanuel Fonte has a thirteen-year history with John L. Scott and has worn a variety of hats—and pocket squares—during his tenure with the company. From earning Rookie of the Year in 2006 to serving as Area Resource Manager for the Seattle Metro area, then as Assistant Manager for Bellevue and the Issaquah offices, respectively, as well as over five years as the Program Manager of Broker Excellence, the common thread throughout Emmanuel’s deep experience is that he has always been and will continue to be all about relationships.

As the Director of Ultimate Client Relationship® over the past three and a half years, Emmanuel has taken a concept and built a 360-degree program that is now fundamental to who we are as a brand. A particularly significant accomplishment includes creating and implementing the UCR® L.A.B.S to teach and evangelize the tools, technologies, and tactics that define and reiterate the advantages of working with a JLS broker. In addition to the critical audience of JLS brokers, Emmanuel has infused UCR® into all layers of the company, including all support team members and executives. One of the things I value the most about Emmanuel is his fearlessness. Whether it’s jumping into a project for which no road map exists or embracing new platforms for communication—such as his expansive work in the arena of video and podcasts—Emmanuel likes to consistently challenge himself and he continually raises the bar for all of us who partner with him. 

Regarding the news of the promotion, Emmanuel said he feels a combination of gratitude and thrill.  “I am so happy to continue to elevate the relationship conversation and go deeper into how we engage with our clients as broker associates and as a company. My goals are to help brokers remain nimble and adaptive in an ever-changing marketplace, and to help support office leaders and owners in using management strategies that align with UCR®.” 

Emmanuel’s eye for efficiency, infectious enthusiasm, and ability to motivate everyone who works with him will continue to serve him well in his new role as Vice President of Ultimate Client Relationship® and Digital Strategies. 

Tina Goedde joined the John L. Scott team a little less than two years ago and has made a significant impact, especially in the areas of employee well-being and talent acquisition and development. Tina has consciously and intentionally aligned John L. Scott’s strategic business objectives with our company’s core values. Examples of this expansive body of work include the peer-to-peer recognition program and implementing paperless onboarding as well as paperless benefit enrollment. One of Tina’s strengths is creatively building policies and rolling out programs that are company-inspired and employee-focused. In addition to being an exceptional relationship builder, another thing I admire about Tina is the depth of care she demonstrates in all that she does. Tina is both values-driven and results-oriented, and I am looking forward to continuing to support her ongoing work in the areas of employee training, employee happiness and retention, compensation and benefits, and leadership development.

Tina reported being truly humbled by the promotion and said, “From the moment I joined JLS, I have been inspired by those around me—the talent, the work ethic and the dedication of all employees at every level—and this has inspired me to give all I can to contribute to this amazing organization. I could not be more delighted to work for JLS and to continue to focus on the employee experience.”

Thanks to Tina’s vision and leadership, I am confident our employee culture will continue to thrive. Prior to joining JLS, Tina had more than 18 years of business experience and more than a decade of human resources focused roles in the diverse industries of home loans, technology, and retail. Tina’s laser beam focus on the quality of the employee experience will continue to serve her will in her new role as Vice President of Talent Resources.  

Please join me in congratulating Tina and Emmanuel, and wishing both of them continued success in their new roles as Vice Presidents!

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