23-year-old buys Tukwila home with cryptocurrency

By Tatevik Aprikyan | Q13 FOX

Buying a home in the Seattle area is expensive and if you own property you probably bought it with a loan or maybe cash. Recent college graduate Cary Kuo bought a home using cryptocurrency.

…His agent, Nelya Calev with John L. Scott says when Kuo told her he’d be buying a cryptocurrency there were a lot of unknowns. She says with normal purchases there are experts you can reach out to for help. “With crypto and Bitcoin there are no people we can go to,” said Calev.

Calev says following Kuo’s purchase she’s already gotten calls from many people looking to purchase homes with cryptocurrency and she says it’s likely more homes will be bought with the currency in the marketplace.

WATCH 23 yr old buys home with cryptocurrency

WATCH: Meet this 23 year old who just bought a home using Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. He says $4,500 can easily return $45,000. Pretty fascinating and real estate agents say we can expect to see more transactions like this in Seattle's hot housing market.

Posted by Tatevik Aprikyan on Sunday, January 7, 2018