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Why your social media may not be working.

Social MediaWhy isn’t my social media working? 7 common mistakes

  • Social media is about having an engaged conversation. Avoid being all about you by posting only listings or only talking about yourself. Be active, up-to-date and consistent.

Wondering why your social media isn’t yielding the results you’ve heard about?

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are channels that have already been proven to work, but they only work when used properly. If you’re not producing the results you desire, it is most likely that you are doing some of the following:

1. You aren’t posting enough

If I checked your Facebook page, would I find that the last time you posted was over a year ago? Consider this: If you went to a concert to see your favorite band, and the band never took the stage, you would probably be left unsatisfied.

2. You are promoting — not communicating

The goal of social media is to start conversations and create relationships. If you are posting nothing but listings, all you are doing is spamming your audience. By offering a variety of valuable informative posts, even individuals who aren’t currently looking for a home will want to engage with you.

3. You have nowhere to direct traffic

Part of establishing relationships is building a loyal fan base, and that can only be accomplished through providing the information people are looking for. If you don’t have a website that offers this information to supplement your social media content, the conversation won’t go far and neither will the relationship.

4. You forgot to make a profile

Yes, it happens. Too often I see agents who lack a social media presence entirely, or even with outdated profiles that have incorrect contact information. Creating a solid profile is pretty simple, so don’t miss a good opportunity to tell your story and link out to your website.

5. You don’t have a brand

If you aren’t properly branding yourself, how will people remember you? Creating brand recognition is a key component of social media. To achieve this, everything must be consistent across the board. All social networks should use the same profile image and cover photo. This makes it much easier for potential clients to recognize you and feel confident that the account they are choosing to follow is authentic.

6. You are being too selfish

Social media isn’t your personal show-and-tell, it’s a conversation. It’s quite important to share and link to other real estate content and blogs in your content. Not only does it add value, but it also increases your reach if other real estate professionals share it to their social media channels. Remember, sharing is caring.

7. You built it, but that was all you did

If you build it, they won’t necessarily come. As Bill Gassett says, the post-and-pray approach is unlikely to be effective. Engagement is essential for generating leads on social media. That means actively following relevant accounts, interacting with individuals on your page, sharing and retweeting posts by others and starting conversations on other accounts.

In addition to these organic measures, your strategy should include a budget for advertising (like Facebook listing boosts). In all regards, you have to be consistent, or you can forget the leads.


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