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Your new JLSNext Website: Write your Bio

Your new JLSNext website has been live for a couple of weeks now. Have you written your bio yet?  Here are some tips:

  • Tailor your biography so that when your audience reads it, they say,“This person is just like me.” “We have a lot in common.” “They understand me.”
  • Your biography should have some personal and even intimate experiences. Tell your passions or hobbies.
  • Tell potential clients what you stand for as a person and as a real estate professional.
  • Combine into one paragraph what you do for all clients in general; buyer and seller.
  • Focus on a single benefit that is a reflection of your position – one concept that your audience can identify with.
  • Write your biography from an objective, third-person point of view. (Third-person perspectives makes it sound like someone is objectively reporting the facts, which gives you more credibility.)
  • Keep your copy positive and upbeat. Avoid mentioning problems or objections.
  • Make your copy inviting to the eye so people want to start reading your biography.
  • Use pictures, graphics, and video to break up text and add interest to your biography.
  • Your biography layout and design should instantly give you credibility in your prospect’s mind.

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