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JLS Broker Eileen Black’s listing featured in Patti Payne’s Cool Pads

JLS Broker Eileen Black’s Fletchers Landing listing on Bainbridge Island is featured in the Puget Sound Business Journal’s Cool Pads column.


March 24, 2017

Patti Payne, Puget Sound Business Journal

A rare piece of history is up for sale — a house at 5340 N.E. Fletcher Landing on Bainbridge Island – a waterfront estate selling for $2.95 million.

Fletcher Landing was one of the Mosquito Fleet stops, the fleet being a swarm of 2,500 privately run passenger and freight boats. From the late 1800s and on into the 1940s, steamers and stern-wheelers stopped at every waterfront dock in Puget Sound and nearby rivers and waterways.

Fletcher Landing had a small general store on it, which became part of a compound owned in the 1960s by John Anderson, founder of Olympic Stain Company.

Anderson sold off part of the land with the store on it to the William Christoffersen family in 1962.

They used the store as a summer cabin for 10 years, complete with an outhouse and a hose for plumbing.

“I was 12 years old when my family bought that property in 1962,” says Peter Christoffersen, a manufacturing industry consultant.

“The Seattle World’s Fair was going on and while my friends were at the fair, we spent all our weekends here,” he recalls. “I had three siblings and we grew up playing on the beach — water-skiing all day long, camping out and digging clams and roasting oysters on the beach. The only way to get across (from the mainland) was to take a steamer or boat. We practically lived on the beach back then.”

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