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Advice to my younger self by Lennox Scott


RisMedia.com, October 11, 2016

Editor’s Note: Lennox Scott, chairman and CEO of John L. Scott Real Estate, wrote the following retrospective in celebration of the company’s 85th Anniversary and his own milestone of 40 years in the business.
Eighty-five years ago my grandfather started John L. Scott Real Estate. It’s a huge milestone for John L. Scott as a company, and I’m celebrating my 40th year in real estate this year as well. The only way you get to 85 years is through the support and positive energy of each team member: the sales team, support team, and leadership team. They are the backbone of our company. We have built a foundation based on customer service, integrity, and values, and because of everyone on our team, we’ve been able to continue my grandfather’s vision and expand into a company he would be proud of today. It’s been a long road, with some interesting twists and turns. I’ve learned a lot along the way, and if I could have a conversation with my younger self I’d tell him:

  • Culture matters. Be clear about your core values.
  • Have a higher purpose for your team. “Living Life as a Contribution™” with our clients, kids at children’s hospitals, teammates, families, friends, communities, and places of faith.
  • Walk in excellence – keep learning and encourage personal growth and achievement.
  • Embrace technology – to enhance our client’s experience.
  • Break the 80/20 rules by putting more time into experiential training.
  • Use affirmations like “Walk in the Positive Outcome™.” Be proactive and figure out your strategies and activities.
  • Purchase Microsoft and Amazon stock at the first offering and buy more commercial real estate.

Looking forward, technology will keep changing at the speed of light. At John L. Scott Real Estate, the opportunities that new, innovative technology offer have allowed us to lead the way and enhance our client relationships and service.

We are on the cusp of launching JLSNext, our next-generation real estate technology platform that will give our broker associates cutting-edge tools for success—a fully integrated platform capable of synching their website, mobile app, email, and CRM with lead generation and management. It will also increase our client usability with a faster, instantaneous search experience. The internet is a relationship tool. Technology will not replace the personal representation that our brokers provide for their clients.

So, at the end of the day, while everything has changed, our core business remains the same. I look forward to the growth and lessons we’ll learn as we continue our journey to our major milestone 100th Anniversary in 2031.

*“Living Life as a Contribution™” and “Walk in the Positive Outcome™” were taken from the book,Speaking the Language of Miracles™ by Deanna Scott.

For more information visit www.johnlscott.com.

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