Light A Fire: Inspiration From Darren Hardy.

Light a Fire


Good morning! Here’s a great end of year message from Darren Hardy:

It’s the last week in 2015, so let’s make this final sprint POWERFUL.

Speaking of power, there are few things in nature as powerful as this:

Listen here.

Action For Today:
Identify the “dead trees” in your business and life.

Look at your:

  • Friendships
  • Phone contacts
  • Social media accounts
  • Hobbies and recreations
  • Closets, drawers, garage and file cabinets
  • Employee Org Chart
  • Client list
  • Product line
  • Project list
  • Marketing materials
  • Meeting schedule
  • Credit card statement and check ledger
  • Calendar

Light a fire! You will feel confident knowing that you cleared out the old to make way for the new this 2016!



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