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Mark Hensley, JLS Spokane, Explains How A Great Online Presence Won Him The DIYNetwork Blog Cabin Listing


I helped my clients at DIY Network/HGTV find the property for their first project in the northwest for their Blog Cabin series.  “You Design IT, We Build It and You Can Win It”.  Here is the link to it:

When I received the phone call from the producer at DIY/HGTV I thought it was someone playing a joke on me.  However, after a while I realized that this was a “real” buyer looking for a special place in Idaho or Washington to build and give away a home.

When the producer arrived a few days later to look for property, I asked her how she found me.  She said she was looking for a broker/agent that was licensed in both Idaho and Washington.  This was important to her because she was interested in both states as a location.  With so many agents in both states, I asked how she selected me over the others.  She said she searched online and selected be over the others because in my photo I did not look “sleazy”.  So for now on my photo will never change.

This was not a simple land purchase. We had to negotiate easements and view corridors with the seller for his adjacent properties with two of the networks attorneys.  To top that off we could not disclose who the buyer is until they gave the last home away almost 6 months later.

I was really able to assist them with my background in development, design and sales to help them with find qualified engineers, designers and builders in the area.  I also assisted them in find temporary housing for their project manager, staff and hosts of the show.

The final item I helped them with was to determine the current market value of $900,000.  Don’t forget to enter to WIN it!

It was a great opportunity for me to be involved in and I strongly recommend having a great online presence, because you never know who is looking at it.

Mark Hensley, JLS Spokane

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