Popular Real Estate Myths Debunked

What do you tell your buyers and sellers when they recite some of the industry’s most popular myths? REALTOR Magazine® now has some of the answers for you:

  1. Swap out bold colors for neutral colors. Even if a room sports a bold shade of paint, home owners don’t always have to grab a brush to change it up before listing. Sellers can tone down a strong color with a neutral counterpart, such as a calming rug or tranquil array of fresh greenery.
  2. Sellers can expect to recoup their investment in remodeling projects. It’s nearly impossible to get 100 percent of the money they put into a redo back when they sell. However, making the upgrades will appeal to buyers who want a move-in ready home, while also making the home more attractive, in general.
  3. Never buy the biggest house on the street. The largest house on a block or in a neighborhood often is the most expensive, which may affect its appraisal and make its price much higher than other homes in the same neighborhood on comparative analyses

To read the complete list of myths and the debunks, head over to REALTOR® Magazine.

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