Building (Ultimate Client) Relationships One Shop at a Time

Michelle Spohrer (Bellevue Main) shares a recent experience of how she introduced herself to a new store in her community.

michelle_spohrerI’ve always been the type to help others. I’ve sent resumes and LinkedIn profiles for those looking for jobs, done fix-ups of couples (one marriage), I do volunteer work, etc. A couple of days after an Ultimate Client Relationship (UCR) presentation at our sales meeting, I went to the new Sherwin Williams Paint store in my neighborhood shopping center. I welcomed them to the neighborhood and told them how excited I was that I won’t have to drive to another area to get my paint anymore. I wished them great success and I also let them know the name of my favorite painter to make sure they had it in their referral database. I said he did a great job on my home and just did a fantastic job for a client recently who was bringing their home on the market. He asked about my business, and it turns out he just started looking for a condo and doesn’t have an agent yet. Guess who his new agent is?